nye wishes

12.31.09 Tables of butter candles surrounded the Stupa on the last day of 2009. For 5 Rupees, my wish was that I will never try to change a man again. I thought I'd get a lot more wishes but the candles were gone after dinner, so that is the wish I am left with for 2010 + beyond. I'm cool with that. I feel like this trip has been so cleansing, and I left a lot of garbage in the last decade. I'm a clean slate for what life has to bring in 2010.

nepalese board game

12.31.09 Board games on NYE! In this traditional Nepalese game, I was tigers and NNS was goats. I won :)

experiencing culture through food

12.31.09 I sometimes experience a culture through my taste buds. We ate at this restaurant twice on New Years and once the day before because we loved it so so much.

kids at silver shrine boarding school in nepal

12.30.09 (D) We stumbled upon these charming Nepali children on our way to Kopan Monastary and ended up spending a couple hours playing with them. Here, they showed us their school house.

little brother

12.30.09 (C) Little brother

kids at silver shrine english boarding school in nepal

12.30.09 (B)

nadar nihal with singing bowls

12.30.09 (A) Nadar Nihal gave me an hour-long singing bowl therapy session with a healer for my Christmas present.
It was relaxing like a massage. Here he is feeling the vibrations of the Chiron planet bowl.

stupa in bhouda

12.29.09 (C) The stupa in Bodnath.

nadar nihal in bhouda

12.29.09 (B) A Sikh in Buddha-town.

buddhist monks chanting

12.29.09 (A) Buddhist monks chanting in Bodnath, Kathmandu - those drum vibrations go right through you. There is such a loving presence in the Buddhist monks we have met here. I could see myself becoming a buddhist nun one day - maybe. It's plan B after becoming a momma.

herd of sheep in front of car

12.28.09 Heading back to Pokhara after our 5 day trek through the Himilayas.
How many times has your taxi in New York been stopped by a heard of sheep?

nepali boy with bow and arrow

12.27.09 (C) A young archer we met along the way. I just finished Zen in the Art of Archery, coincidentally.

a bridge over troubled water

12.27.09 (B) ... Like a bridge over troubled water...

nadar nihal putting on his turban

12.27.09 (A) Nadar Nihal putting his turban on at breakfast with a borrowed mirror.

nepali women carrying wood

12.26.09 (B) Nepali women carrying wood. They are strong ladies!

nepali woman sifting through corn

12.26.09 (A) Nepali woman sifting through corn for rocks

xmas on poon hill

CHRISTMAS 2009 We hiked to Poon Hill at 5 am to watch a beautiful panoramic sun rise of the mountains.
To our surprise, it snowed late on Christmas Eve, so we woke up to a white Christmas.
I saw this shot and NNS had the camera, so I asked him to take it. We'll call it a collaboration.

donkeys on path

CHRISTMAS EVE 2009 Donkeys carry big loads up and down the trails.

i'm getting old

CHRISTMAS EVE 2009 Portrait of a 29-year-old. This is me after crying to NNS about getting old. (Notice the tear on my cheak). "Women are like waves," (says my book) and I'm grateful to have my BFF at the crest and at the bottom. (My time away in the end widened my perspective and instead of possibilities shutting down, I'm now feeling more like the future is wide open and the world is my oyster card.)

plush rooms

12.23.09 (B) Rooms along these trails are usually around 100 Nepali Rupees or about $1.25. They do the job, though.

meeting in a river

12.23.09 (A) The first day of our 5 day trek in the Annapura Circuit in the Himilayas.

happy nepal-i-days

12.22.09 These are Tibetian prayer flags. People here hang them and the prayers are carried with the wind. So here I am wishing my loved ones back home "Happy Nepal-i-days!" May the 1s and 0s as well as the wind carry my love from Nepal back home through the mountains and over the seas to you.

nns rowing

12.21.09 The Maoists declared a 3 day strike here, so businesses and modes of transport are all shut down. We rented a boat to pass the time and get us to the Immigration office to buy Trekking permits.


12.20.09 (B) I love how the little children say "Namaste" and place their hands together. This happy little guy jumped on the end of our boat.

laundry time

12.20.09 (A) In Pokhara, it's laundry time!

bus ride to pokhara

12.19.09 We took an 8 hour bus ride to Pokhara. I'm reading "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus," and NNS is reading his daily prayers.

nns in a music shop

12.18.09 You can take the boy out of India, but you can't take him out of the music shops.

jetlagged nns

12.17.09 I'm in Kathmandu, Nepal with Nadar Nihal!!! And, we are jetLAGGGGGGGED.

sandy pinboy

12.16.09 El Sinboy con el mustashe in el London.

12.15.09 ks (in a way) dared me to propose our Polaroid project to the Tate Modern. Here I'm in the Starbucks on Regent Street that I frequented as a student here 9 years ago writing the proposal on loose leaf. I dropped the note off with a "Before I die I want to..." book with a curator.

playing around at the v and a

12.14.09 (B) Carrie and I went to the V and A because Fabrica had a couple pieces in an exhibition. Here we are playing with a video piece.

my tarot reading

12.14.09 (A) Carrie's mum read my tarot cards!
It was very positive and included greatness in the future with my art career.

carrie in hampstead

12.13.09 Carrie and I head to her parents place near Hampstead Heath.

nic and her first mince pie

12.12.09 At Carrie's Christmas party, I have my first mince pie - thumbs up.

nyc to london

12.11.09 NYC > LONDON.

stockin up on cat supplies

12.10.09 I'm leaving for 3 weeks tomorrow so I thought I'd stock up on cat supplies.
I think the corner-store man was happy at the wad of cash I dropped.

edelman holiday party 2009

12.09.09 Edelman's holiday party was tonight.
Here is a chunk of the graphics team.
I'm alive! I didn't actually drown in the tub.

i am ophelia

12.08.09 Self-Portrait: Reviving Ophelia.
I read the book "Reviving Ophelia" in high school and really liked it. The book (at least to me) was about women/girls getting back to their true selves (like we were as kids) before we started obsessing (/drowning) about boys/men (and issues that go along with that - looks, weight, clothes, etc.). I believe Ophelia went crazy and drowned/ commited suicide due to heartbreak from Hamlet + other issues with her father. (A special thanks to my wonderful flatmate, Vera, helped me with this photo and my other self portrait arial shot of me + me in bed).

turquoise and red

12.07.09 At La Esquina - ahmazing mexican food. Nick told me of a girl who collects pictures of red and turquiose - so this is for her, wherever and whoever she may be.

opelia umbrella

12.06.09 Sometimes I feel like you, Umbrella. (For example, check out two days from now).

lady santa clause That's Mrs. Santa Claus to you.

charlie brown christmas tree

12.04.09 He gave me a Charlie Brown Christmas tree - and it smelled just like Christmas.

nicole on canal st

12.03.09 Me on Canal Street

david is tired

12.02.09 David... tiiiiired.

microwaved lunch

12.01.09 My 4-minute microwaved lunch in my cubicle... a little depressing.

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