kristine at MOMA

4.30.10 Tonight, Kristine took me to see Henri-Cartier Bresson at the MOMA. Amazing. I want to be him some day. Then we had our usual veggie dinner and chats at GOBO.


4.29.10 This evening I met up with Rob - my partner in the Landmark advanced course back in Sept of last year. It was lovely to see him. And I love the Landmark community.


4.28.10 Today we filmed in hospice.
The first of many video podcasts for the www.beforeidieiwantto.org project.
It was challenging.


4.27.10 My coworker, Danelle, on the roof.

hospice appreciation night

4.26.10 Hospice volunteer appreciation night. Christine giving out awards to volunteers who spend endless hours with dying patients.
We also had a viewing of Lily Henderson's lovely documentary film on hospice volunteers called, "Lessons for the Living,"

black hole

4.25.10 I really hope I took a photo today??? Perhaps I took a Polaroid - going to look


4.24.10 (C) The 24th of April was the day of some of my favorite people.
One of my favorite people numero uno: Pops! Pops and Ann stopped in for a visit today.
I'm borrowing Ann's guitar - high hopes of teaching myself to SING + PLAY some of those 3-chord songs.

chatting with meric

4.24.10 (B) One of my favorite people numero dos: I caught up with Meric in Istanbul via gchat.
I noticed myself smiling A LOT as I talked to my love. Can you believe fabrica was FIVE years ago??

my straight girlfriend

4.24.10 (A) One of my favorite people numero tres: My straight girlfriend.
Leslie slept over. We had scrambled eggs and good times.

mr. mom

4.23.10 Photo of Mr. Mom and the green shoe by Les Burnett.


4.22.10 Jim, Mr. Mom, tea, and "We don't die." Comfyness.

back home

4.21.10 Back to reality.

4.20.10 I traveled by myself in Tulum... and slept in an amazing bungalow on the beach. Out of nowhere a vision of a black snake swimming came in my head in the morning. It was so random and strong that it left me kinda scared and checking over my shoulder for snakes that morning. I rented a bicycle and checked out the Mayan ruins. Not long into hearing a guide, he said there is a prevalent symbol of a man in the mouth of / being eaten by a black snake, and the snake symbolizes ignorance. I got a jolt in my heart as soon as he said this. It didn't sound good. I pulled him aside, and told him about my morning. He told me these ruins were an ancient pilgrimmage and that Mayans used to come here for enlightenment and to shed ignorance, so my premonition was probably a good thing. Throughout this year / in Landmark / on this trip including traveling alone for part of it / through reading the Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama / ect... I am happy and fulfilled outside a romantic relationship. This is a new place for me. I used to find happiness outside of my core and in my relationship - so perhaps this new way of being is my escape from the snake mouth.

me floating

4.19.10 Me enjoying the heck out of Mexico.

me singing

4.18.10 I have always had it that "I can't sing, and I'm probably certifiably tone deaf... and what I hear inside my head is different than what comes out - so never trust it." When people sing happy birthday, I speak the words, just so my "nails on chalkboard" voice doesn't grate anyone's ears. And behind this is someonw who REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to sing. So I was on a splendid walk by myself near the ocean in Isla Mujeres... and I was just singing. No one was around, so that made it easy. I had Al Green in my head, and I just let go. (Did I mention no one was around?). I decided to record it just to hear how I sounded. Fully expecting nails on a chalkboards, I was taken aback that it didn't sound that bad. (to me anyway) I wouldn't go so far to say it sounded good... but it didn't make me run for cover. Like, if someone were hanging laundry next to me and singing like that, I wouldn't be offended. After I got back, I shared what I went through with Carolyn. Being the loving, caring, thoughtful person she is, she asked to hear it. I shared it with her and she got goose bumps, and I cried a few tears - just being fully present to the deep insecurity I have had with my voice my whole life and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time.

carolyn and pat's mom

4.17.10 (E) Carolyn and Pat's mom. Good tequila = no hangovers. Who knew?

carolyn and pat wedding

4.17.10 (D) I don't believe in religion and I believe in marriage slightly more than religion. It's nice to be at a wedding that makes me reconsider.

on the beach

4.17.10 (C) Yoshi = one lucky man with all the ladies (for the majority of the trip). Isn't Mexico gorgeous??

good sign

4.17.10 (B) The tropical weather in Isla Mujeres had been torrentially downpouring with no signs of letting up. The couple even send out a "you really don't have to come" email. But the day of was, for the most part, beautiful. A circular rainbow even surrounded the sun - which I'll take as a good sign.

carolyn om

4.17.10 (A) It's the morning of Carolyn's wedding day and she and Chloe end our morning yoga on the beach with an OM SHANTE SHANTE SHANTE OMMMMMMM. It was an incredible way to start an incredible day.


4.16.10 I've arrived! (In Mexico) and am en route to Isla Mujeres.

eye brow wax lady

4.15.10 I got my eye brows waxed today by this lady. I'm feeling fugly wearing glasses all the time (until my lasik consultation), so I do what I can. Love the palm tree ambiance. I will be in acutal palm trees tomorrow for Carolyn's wedding in Me-hi-co. I will update D29 upon my return.

9th and C

4.14.10 One date leads to another. Really good music on 9th + C.

mo la esquina

4.13.10 More la esquina. Can't get enough for lunch.

my dream

4.12.10 (A) I, somewhat unexpectedly, had one of the best dates of my life tonight. Unarmed with my polaroid, the check for dinner came in a notebook, and we drew our lifes wishes. His to hop in a caravan and go cross country playing his music...

my dream

4.12.10 (B) ... mine to grow a baby in my belly.
Every cell of my body felt alive as I took the subway home... I almost missed my transfer.

chinese family portrait of nyc family

4.11.10 Chinese family portrait of my NYC family (Me, Lauren, Vera, Alison, Leslie, + KS).
The food was great but the company was incredible.


4.10.10 I got a Rollo today! By a lady with a Rollo!
I went into the Puerto Rican hair salon feeling like an utter outsider.
But, by the end, my hair was gorge and they were calling me "sweetie."

tater bug

4.9.10 Some days I just don't take any or that many photos and I come home and there are always my cats to pose. But, I do find it adorable how they love to lay on my clothes. After I've taken them off. I think it means they want to be close to me and that they love me.

andrea's shot

4.8.10 This is what happens when you are walking through the east village with an incredible photographer (Andrea). She says, "There's your shot." and I take the shot I would have never noticed if she wasn't by my side.

lunch on the roof at Edelman

4.7.10 It was 90 effing degrees today! So we had lunch on the roof

doggie at la esquina

4.6.10 Dog in front of La Esquina at lunch

nolan and the ipad and happy

4.5.10 Nolan (my presentation director at Edelman) with his paws on the new iPad!

easter morning post debauchery

4.4.10 (EASTER SUNDAY) In the sunshine of Henri's back yard with the previous evening's fun + debauchery evaporating out of our pours. Here, Mike B. + Andrea don't want their faces in the photo (which is somewhat ironic since they are both photographers). Andrea has never let me take her photo and may never will. I, on the other hand, am an anomoly (or a narcissist) - someone who likes to be on both ends of the camera.

easter 2010 manhattan skyline

4.3.10 Happy Easter from NYC.

boys and cars

4.2.10 I've been bad about taking a lot of photos per day lately.
Here, I'm bothering my co-workers, Tom + Adrian, to pose by the schmancy car. We work next to a schmancy car place.

presence on my bike

4.1.10 I become very "present" when I'm speeding down the Brooklyn half of the Manhattan Bridge on my bike. I feel like I'm literally flying. I forget my bike is underneath me. Slice each moment in half, then slide that momen in half, and I'm there in the moment. I feel like I'm a kid who has never ever seen Manhattan and am experiencing it for the first time. And, its awe-inspiring. And, I'm flying through this expansive space - like in a dream - or in a Batman movie.

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