8.31.09 Edelman has moved! and it's Jill's birthday! The birthday girl on Edelman's first day in the new lofty downtown office.

8.30.09 My group

8.29.09 Notes from the Advanced Course

8.28.09 Advanced Course - Take Two! Second time is a charm.

bobby on grass

8.27.09 Laying with Robert on the grass in Long Island City

rebecca silverstein

8.26.09 Rebecca enjoying Tasty D in Times Square

nicole in reflection with camera


blank film and anger is what happens when you load the film wrong

8.24.09 Sadness (and a learning experience)

8.23.09 My Momma dropped in for a visit!

8.22.09 My Advanced Course leader talked about having integrity in the space that surrounds you. So I have been cleaning.

8.21.09 Woe is me after my bike accident. This is me in PJs at my cuz's house after ER with bandages and a sore lower back.

8.20.09 Brooklyn from my daily bike ride

8.19.09 Pressies I made that I dropped off for my cuz on her bday. Her advice: Stay away from the cat flingers.

8.18.09 So much fun underground at the Bedford stop. Can I please sing out loud like her one day?

blank film and anger is what happens when you load the film wrong

8.17.09 Oh how many shots were lovely yet lost?

8.16.09 Notes I left for NNS

8.15.09 My wonderful group (still no time for photos - or sleep!)

8.14.09 I'm in the Landmark Advanced Course (no time for photos - or sleep!)

8.13.09 My babies

8.12.09 Outdoor jazz at Grant's tomb. I heart summer.

8.11.09 NNS after teaching a wonderful yoga class.

8.10.09 Tell me how you really feel.

8.09.09 Nothing phases anyone in New York.

8.08.09 The boy is back in town!

8.07.09 High fives from the hot dumpling truck man are rad

8.06.09 Times Square

8.05.09 I stumbled upon this sweet music.

8.04.09 Lucali's with Bratley. Yuuuuuuum.

8.03.09 The subway platform view on the way back from LGA. Always reminds me of talking to Ken there eons ago.

8.02.09 My momma, the best seamstress ever

8.01.09 Bria, Lena's little girl, at Winding Vista Pool

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