kristine and elliot

2.28.10 My cousin, Kristine, with her new addition to her family - Elliot.
We baked "Uncle Buster" cookies today. She and grandma Le Le used to cook them for my dad when he was racing over in Europe and send 'em across the ocean. I took the "Uncle Buster" cookies home and packaged them to send to him all the way over in Connecticut.

steph in subway

2.27.10 Today was fun. Gallery opening with Leslie + co. (her 23-year-old friend had his first show in Chelsea), 30th benefit bday party with my two Stephanies from Landmark (one pictures here across the L train tracks from me), then shenanigans with the Canadians.


2.26.10 Today was intense (in a beautiful kind of way). KS and I went to hospice with Ray, who is now spearheading the Hospice portion of the beforeidieiwantto.org project. We met with Pearl at hospice (pictured here) and I think she changed our lives. (KS took this picture)


2.25.10 This eve, KS coached me to be complete with someone I was almooooost, but not fully, complete with. I left (over)thinking about him almost completely in the last decade, but there was always a little hesitation if you asked me if I was complete with him. My wish was to be complete with him (for everything we were and everything we weren't and everything we are and everything we aren't... and to have no resistance to what is and what was) before I heard from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. So tonight, I decided to be complete with him. I felt a shift inside as soon as I declared it. And, the energy in the room changed. KS felt the shift and did a happy dance (pictured here just after). The next day, I heard from the SAIC MFA program - and got in.

sad ks

2.24.10 KS after uncovering a lack of integrity in someone close to her.

bridesmaid dress shopping

2.23.10 (B) At a Bridesmaid dress fitting with Ava (Alison's little sister).


2.23.10 (B) Today I worked (from home) with Brian Lightbody (over ichat) on a illustration project.
The illustrations are top secret at the moment so he kindly supplied me with a photo of him for diary29.


2.22.10 (A) My hot friend, Lauren, with her hot bike (that she built herself).

me dancin

2.22.10 (B) Lauren and I both have the same cameras. Here, she shot me with hers here grooving to music. It was one of those lovely play-it-as-you-go days with her.

homemade popcorn

2.21.10 Homemade popcorn (the old fashioned way) and a netflix play-it-now movie.

luccia, alison and me at landmark

2.20.10 I woke up scared as heck of brining my friends to Landmark. Would they think I was weird and in a cult?
The morning was magical. People shared completely maskless. There was laughing, there was crying. and my friends had a great time :)

behanding in spokane

2.19.10 This was the single photo I took today. I saw "Behanding in Spokane" in good company (with Henri).
I've been becoming aware of / observing when I take lots of photos and when I take none... and when I'm in the moment and when I'm not.
It's possible-ish to be in the moment and behind a camera but it's not easy.


2.18.10 KS + I had two great meetings today for the Before I die project.

jake from landmark

2.17.10 I went by a gallery show today. No offense, but I am not moved by 99.9% of the art I see. Then 0.1% of it makes me cry, and its all worth it.

james bradley

2.16.10 Alison's dad, James Bradley, gave a lecture about his new book, The Imperial Cruise, tonight at Columbia.

not in kansas


happy vday to me

2.14.10 Soft guitar music and a warm long bath - Happy Valentine's Day to me.


2.13.10 Great meeting/interview today with Sherry, a journalism student and a fellow hospice volunteer.
We think we will do podcasts together for the BID project!

ks crying

2.12.10 I love my best friend in so many ways. It was an emotional day, and as she was getting ready for our Vday glamour photo shoot, she started crying and asked me to shoot her then because it's more real. I am so incredibly grateful that we can be all our "good" and all our "bad" around one another and we accept each other %1000 for exactly who we are - exactly wherever we are.

GBLT senior center

2.11.10 I went to the GBLT senior center to help them learn how to use their digital cameras. It was an awesome experience. Being told I was going to the GBLT center made me have "GBLT" foremost in my head... but once I got there, I thought that was silly, these are just people. I was the "teacher" and they even called me a "lady."

let it snow

2.10.10 It snowed a ton today!

matteo cibic

2.9.10 I did the amazing program called fabrica (www.fabrica.it) a couple years back in Italy and met some incredible artists - like this chap.
I guess I lost enough sissors, too, to sharpie my name on them. I got this email today with this image. Guess my sharpie tactic didn't help so much. email txt.

ny pizza

2.9.10 I can't go through a year without a shout out to NYC pizza. OMFG, you are soooooo good.

cleaning out emails

2.8.10 I was on a mission to clean out my sent box which had about 11,000 sent messages since 2006. It was pretty fascinating to see "who I was" back then. When my whole world was my relationship with Brett, etc. My plan was to archive some of these folders into the depths of the 1x and 0s of my external hard drive... digital ash in a digital urn... but we'll see what happens.


2.7.10 On a top secret mission, Marcella's new boyfriend, Jay, asked me to take photos of him for Valentine's day for her since she is a fan of my diary29. I can now post this because she has already been happily surprised!

lucas at avatar

2.6.10 (B) Lucas = 4 eyes. I saw Avatar for the 2nd time! The first time I was in the 2nd row so the 3Dness got skewed at times.

vera and paolo

2.6.10 (A) In response to me talking to them about my recent experiences with "dating"... Vera + Paolo talk about when they first met five years ago. Referring to the beginning, Vera muttered the word "bastard" about 14 times.

ks at natural gourmet institute

2.5.10 Pops + Ann gave me money to put towards a cooking class at the Natural Gourmet Institute. KS and I went to the Fridy Night Dinner (cooked by recent students) to check it out. It was a dance in my belly.


2.4.10 I am in the "Self Expression and Leadership" Course at Landmark Education, and it is FABULOUS.
And, here is my coach and she is incredibly FABULOUS.

get me out book

2.3.10 I wanna be a doula!
Danelle and I have all kinds of lady talk at work, and today I decided on this new adventure.
She let me borrow this book on the history of childbirth.

black and white cookie and man

2.2.10 Tom + I went to our usual Falafel joint and I zeroed in on black and white cookies for my photo-of-the-day since they quintessentially NYC.
I asked the clerk if he would hold one for a photo and he agreed. Right after I took the shot I said, "I wonder if I get more photos because I'm a girl."
Tom said "Pshhh, of course you do! That's the only reason I let you take pictures of me!"

dave + alex

2.1.10 Dave in NYC.
We've been friends since we were 13-year-old pool rats in Tucker, GA. He took me to my 1st dance. I was an 8th grader going to a NINTH grade dance.
And now, Dave is a poppa!


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