to do list

1.31.10 Our to-do list never ends.

breakfast with friends

1.30.10 Sunny Saturday mornings + breakfast with friends. ...These are a few of my favorite things....

ks + nic

1.29.10 (B) KS + I at the end of a long, very rewarding day.
People sometimes tell us we look like sisters. We think we are looking more and more like one another as time goes by. Is it the same sort of phenonmenon when where married couples look more and more like each other after a while - and people start to look like their dogs, too? We have spent a good amount of time together over the years. Also we also have the same sort of vegetarian diet now too - if you are, in fact, what you eat.

mini-doc to come

1.29.10 (A)

Polaroid mistake

1.28.10 Sometimes the mistakes are the most beautiful


1.27.10 ks

writing in photo

1.26.10 It's been a long day.

wedding dress in the window

1.25.10 Alison asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and I have been helping her a bit with preparations. Maybe that was the reason I thought, "That's a nice wedding dress," as I walked down 5th avenue and saw this dress in the window. It shocked me a bit, though, because I have never actually had that throught before in my life about a big white dress (let alone stopped in my tracks to look at one). I must be pushing 30.


1.24.10 My mumma is here and we cleaned, shopped, ran errands, and she did some sewing as usual.
Those things are so much more fun with her company.
(Taken with my Holga)

ashley and curtis

1.23.10 Ashley + Curtis liked Alison + Mike's engagement photos so much, they asked me to shoot them around the Brooklyn Bridge before they moved back to Ohio.
(Taken with my Leica)

my new polaroid

1.22.10 I came home to find my new Polaroid camera that I ordered from ebay waiting for me in the hallway - Isn't she cute?
(Taken with my iPhone again...)

punch bug  yellow

1.21.10 Who doesn't love a punch buggie yellow?
(Taken with my Holga)

vera in bed

1.20.10 I have to send my G10 in for repair ah-gain!
Time to dust off the Leica & Holga and see what the iPhone's got.
(Here I'm using the Holga and my favorite... and most accessible... model).

white wire clan

1.19.10 I'm now a part of the I'm-covered-in-white-wires-and-don't-bug-me clan.
For more about how New Yorkers live on top of one another but aren't very good at interacting, please visit a comic I drew.

vera with antique

1.18.10 (A) Vera's assignment was to go find an antique she knew nothing about and write a paper on it without using Google. I'll give you a high 5 if you tell me what this is.


1.18.10 (B) Here is Hari teaching Kundalini Yoga in a church in the west villiage. She's lovely and you should come: www.reachhari.com
Even with my warnings that there may be chanting and banging gongs and weird poses, Nick awesomely joined and survived just fine.
(This is a lesson to not go above 400 ISO on my camera... noise = yuck)

praise the lord on tv

1.17.10 Vera + I dusted off the TV in the corner and plugged it in to find that through the antenna,
you can still two channels - 1. Praise the Lord and 2. Home shopping network.

chinese on greene

1.16.10 Chinese on Greene—I still love you.
We had a conversation tonight about how exquisitely good the dumplings are.
They told me they put a lot of time into making them by hand, and I said I can tell.
The best $4.25 dinner you will find... I may venture to say... in the whole city.

kevin at outpost

1.15.10 I met Kevin today for coffee... a mighty talented filmmaker.
We grew up two blocks from one another in Atlanta.
We are going to make magic with the Polaroid project.
His reel is at www.kevinschaeferphoto.com.

kenny on grand ave

1.14.10 This is Kenny who lives up the street from me.
He has an interest in photography, and I let him borrow a film camera.
I found out he's a sweet guy when I took his Polaroid camera on his stoop and his answer was very loving.

pink elephant from paris

1.13.10 It's amazing how much meaning I can put on a little piece of pink plastic.
I got this hat and pin in Paris on the porkestra tour with Brett in 2006.
Those were the days to remember. We were young, we were in love.

dinner for two for one

1.12.10 Dinner for two but there's only one. I downloaded Jamie Oliver's 20-minute meal app on my iPhone, and its great, but the options are only for 2 or 4 people. Guess he assumes everyone is in a couple. I hope Vera is hungry when she gets home.

step aside



1.10.10 (A) Vera, my flatmate, getting dressed

dad and ann at the whitney

1.10.10 (B) My dad and step-mom. I treated Ann to the Georgia O'Keefe show at the Whitney for her 60th bday

dad and ann sleeping

1.10.10 (C) Sleeping after the show (to be honest, my dad and I were a bit sleepy during the show, too)

getting blonder

1.9.10 My montly trip to the beauty parlor.

let it snow

1.8.10 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

greys papaya

1.7.10 I popped in a Grey's Papaya in the west village and had some amazing papaya juice, a fish sammie, and cheese fries - glad there was something vegetarian-ish on the menu.


1.6.10 A month worth of snaps. Our 2nd to last photo class.


1.5.10 Tonight I got groceries and an IPHONE!!!.

me and tatur bug

1.4.10 Tatum + Me.

back in brooklyn

1.3.10 I'm back in Brooklyn... unpacking from my 3 weeks away.

diry dancing the musical

1.2.10 I had one day in London—What better way to spend it than a matinee of Dirty Dancing the Musical.

1.1.10 The mountains are above cloud level up here! Which one of you is Everest?

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