3.31.10 Showing Adam his new G5 that was shipped to my house - that I put together for 'em. He looks pleased :)
(and tired.) (it was late.) The photos he takes with it willl likely go on here: www.adamhuggins.net
And, I will hopefully be at his and Nalis's wedding on the coast of Italy in August. .

reed and tacos and corner bodegas

3.30.10 Having yummmmmy "La Esquina" tacos with Reed (an incredible photographer www.reedyoung.com and fellow ex-fabricante) crouched in a corner store.

water from umbrella on subway

3.29.10 Have you ever used the tip of your umbrella to play with the rain water on the subway floor? Well, I have.
(And her right eye cried when the train went.)

rob of well made world

3.28.10 Rob. KS and I are teaming up with Lilli + Rob of wellmadeworld.com to make the beforeidieiwantto.org project technically, internetically, and iphonically incredible. We shot a video today for kickstarter.com—Stay tuned


3.27.10 (G)

boudoir b

3.27.10 (E)


3.27.10 (D)


3.27.10 (C)


3.27.10 (B)

bootcamp for boudior

3.27.10 (A) Aja's fantastic SELP project was www.bootcampforboudoir.com. She got gyms to particpate all week. Free workout classes and motivational speakers on body image. Women who attend 3 events get a free boudoir photo shoot. I shot along with Carissa. KS was an increible photo stylist. And Aja styled and shot, too. It was wonderful giving women beautiful photos of themselves to remind them how beautiful they are!

britt from spoon

3.26.10 Leslie, my lovely straight girlfriend, was to get married on this day, but her 7-year relationship ended before this day - and tis a good thing. We were still out to have an incredible time on her non-wedding day. We had a date to SPOON, and through some random twittering, I won VIP passes. We pretty much already set the intention we were going to meet the band - as they are one of Les's favs. And in the VIP room, we did. Britt (the lead singer) wants to get out of this room alive before he dies.
(To go on beforeidieiwantto.org soon).

selp course

3.25.10 My final SELP course. I have now completed the entire Curriculum for Living! It was nice to give our final talk and run through the list of things we have accomplished during the timeframe of this course. I've learned a bunch of leadership skills. I chose to focux on the hospice portion of the beforeidieiwantto.org project. I inspired many people to become powerfully involved including an amazing web team (lilly and rob) who is bringing this project to new heights, a great filmmaker (kev-man schaefer) who will go back with ks + i to hospice to film our interviews and we will propose this spot to PBS or something similar (getting the support of corporate for this was a feat unto itself.) Christine, the hospice volunteer coordinator, has been amazingly helpful. I "gave this project away" to another volunteer/leader (Ray, an increiblie 15-year-old, who spearheads handing out Polaroid supplies to other volunteers). Sherry, a journalism student and fellow hospice volunteer, interviewed us for this projet... Alison is helping us with a press release... the list goes on and on. Personally, I have become complete with 2 ex-boyfriends. And I'm powerfully dating. Lots of freedom and self experession there. Overall, another major thing I got out of this class is I've shifted the context of what it means for me to make mistakes. I have always been really hard on myself so that I won't make mistakes. My idea of a mistake was "you fucked up" But I have shifted this to mistakes being a gold mine for learning - which makes me more free to speak up in front of groups and even sing! (cuz who cares if I fuck up, it's not the end of the world.) And, P.S., my parents' divorce was not a fuck-up but a gold mine for learning... for all of us.


3.24.10 Oh sister, I feel for you. My empathy on the morning commute.

marcella and jay

3.23.10 Marcella + Jay and I had tea today at some Japanese Tea house. They are so happy! Nice to see...

obama passes health care

3.22.10 Hell yes we can.


3.21.10 This photo basically just shows up the shallow depth of field of the schmancy lens (35mm opens up to 1.4). Although the vegan sushi was quite good..

beat it

3.20.10 Today we filmed the remake of the Michael Jackson video, "Beat it" for an upcoming movied called "The King of Pop." Jenny (left) who I met through these festivities is my new Salsa dancing friend.

tim punch buggie yellow

3.19.10 (B)

me and punch buggie yellow

3.19.10 (A) I rented a schmancy lens and Tim + I took picutres of one another at lunch. In this faboo weather, its so nice getting out of the office.

ryan mcginley opening

3.18.10 (B) The Ryan McGinley opening. I'm inspired to take nude photos of my friends on a white background for an exercise. (Email me if you are interested in modeling!) Him doing that as an exercise inspired me, but the photos themselves didn't inspire me like Avedon's awesome black + white portraits. I'd still like to intern with him, though... as I really like the other ones he did with naked people running through a field only wearing shoes.

ryan mcginley opening

3.18.10 (A) The Ryan McGinley opening. I had no idea it was going to be such a rock show.


3.17.10 Man-o-man-hattan - yer actually growing on me. I'm actually thinking of you in "forever" terms.

beat it practice

3.16.10 Today was fantastic. I danced to Beat It and got a goodbye kiss with gusto. Went salsa dancing. And got back in touch with my first kiss.

lillian and rob

3.15.10 Lillian and Rob. KS and I are working with them to make the Before I die project awesome.
They are so lovely and so talented and I'm so grateful to be collaborating with them.

al green

3.14.10 Al Green in the garden state. The reverend played his greatest hits with incredible enthusiasm and gave me (and about a zillion other girls) a rose.

rain rain go away

3.13.10 (B) My new lovely friend, Andrea. We took about 4 subways and our umbrellas turned inside out at least twice in order to get to her friend's gig.

mr. mom

3.13.10 (A) My cat is so photogenic. Who knew it was possible for animals to be photogenic? For the first half of the day, I was laying in bed (with Mr. Mom), watching a movie, and coming down from the worst date of my life the night before.


3.12.10 I'm sick-ish again. Wasn't easy enough on my stomach. Warm bath.

crying after landmark

3.11.10 Brett broke up with me during my portrait photography class over a year ago, and my teacher suggested I take a photo of myself at those times when I cried so hard I couldn't breathe. A photo is sometimes the furthest thing from my mind at those moments, but tonight I was crying on the subway. Already looking weird, I thought I'd take a photo of myself crying (on the subway). Cuz why not? I already being weird in public (no place to hide in NYC sometimes). It all came out of exploring stuff in my Landmark class... I suppose I'm still incomplete with my parent's divorce 15 years later. How cliche. I make it wrong. Bur realizing that is the first step to finally just letting it go and letting it be what it is. But the main thing I want is to not have it enter my present romantic relationships anymore.

hair did

3.10.10 (B) All across the world right now, women are getting their dark hairs bleached light.
I somehow waddled down 6th ave later to have my hair did... as I already rescheduled once and I knew I wouldn't get an appointment for a while if I skipped this one. It wasn't pleasant, but I survived.


3.10.10 (A) Woke up at 3am with racing negative thoughts and the single thought, "I'm going to throw up." Then spent the next 6 or 7 hours camped out in the tub as it was closer to the toilet.

a train

3.9.10 A train. I use it a lot.

joan in hospice

3.8.10 Sherry and I had an incredible interview today with Joan at hospice. Joan was incredibly peaceful and loving. We talked to her about death and she told us she gave up worrying about that a long time ago. She said, some people leave the party early and others leave it late... no big deal :) She told us she was happy she was able to formulate what she wants to do before she "leaves the party" and will be sharing the things she learned with her grandson when he comes to visit.

ks + aja

3.7.10 ks + I met with Aja today in her lovely apartment. Aja is doing an awesome project for women. It's free workouts all week and motivational speakers about body image: www.bootcampforboudoir.com. Women who do 3 events get a free boudoir photo shoot. ks will be the photo stylist and yours truly will be one of two photographers. We will be wearing our skimmies as we do the shoot, too :)


3.6.10 (E) Dragon Turtle - with Brian Lightbody.
I was thinking back tonight about how many years we've been friends, and the dragon turtles shows I've been to over the years, and it made me smile.

manhattan from above

3.6.10 (D) View of Manhattan coming into LGA


3.6.10 (C) Somewhere between MDW and LGA

me in the bathroom at 30,000 feet

3.6.10 (B) What I look like when I'm shooting with this thing.


3.6.10 (A) I'm loving this ShakeItPhoto app on my iphone. This is Julia getting ready in the morning. Isn't she gorge? Her paintings are gorge, too: www.juliahaw.com. I enjoyed having an excuse to stay with her.


3.5.10 The view of the lake from the drawing + painting MFA department at SAIC. Because I was accepted to the MFA dept (via visual communications) I visited today. From what I gather, the program is number 2 - just under Yale - so I'm honored to be accepted - but I think I need to focus on making my photo technical skills awesome. So, at the mo, I'm learning towards doing the one year ICP program (in NYC)... if I get in. Hopefully, I will.

dragon hand

3.4.10 A monster sat next to me on the train so I had to take its picture.


3.3.10 (B) Henri playing the Henri version of Last Goodbye.

mr. mom

3.3.10 (A) I sat and had some nice chats with my new flatmate, Andrea, today. She showed me this Polaroid-ish iphone program which I had some fun with (above). She is an incredible photographer (www.andreawyner.com).

ITP peeps

3.2.10 ITP-ers. Kat showed me around ITP today.

tax time

3.1.10 I did my taxes today. I actually kinda enjoy doing my taxes which I think makes me weird.
I whited out another year. I think this time I'll just put "receipts" instead of the year.

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