baby clothes

5.31.10 Being home this time, I realized how much my mom is saving for when I have a baby some day. Here are my old shirts (with motorcyles on it) that I used to wear to my daddy's races and the smocked dresses she made me.

5.30.10 At home in Atlanta for Memorial day weekend.
I luvre jumping on the trampoline. Me and Taylor, my nephew.

jordan at the pool with her friend

5.29.10 At home in Atlanta for Memorial day weekend. I luvre being at the pool. Jordy, my neice, and her friend.

lady in bike basket

5.28.10 Lady in bicycle basket.

mexican dinner

5.27.10 Mamasita (mwah) makes mexican dinner for Lauren's good-bye and Alex Purdy's visit..

jim at cemetery

5.26.10 (B) Jim at the cemetary. He loves cemetaries, and I am faschinated with death. Iiiiinteresting.

what a 90 degree day looks like at the office

5.26.10 (A) Jim at the cemetary. What a 90 degree day looks like from inside the office.

paul marinello

5.25.10 Paul, our production manager at work. A pleasure to work with. He's smoking in front of the no smoking sign.

jim making din din

5.24.10 He's a fantastic cook, toooooo! I lucked out.

lauren's goodbye bbq

5.23.10 View from "Lauren's goodbye to Canada" BBQ. I was so not in the mood to be there, and it was written all over my face. I would have just had more integrity to not go and have her over for dinner later.

heather sailing

5.22.10 Sailing with Heather off City Island.
A lovely change from everyday NYC life.

pink robed ladies

5.21.10 The waiting room of pink robes. Upon feeling some lumps, my doc sent me to have a breast sonogram today since there was breast cancer in my family. It looks like there is nothing to worry about. Unlike in the past, I was pretty much fearless. I don't fear death anymore like I used to. And I've even had the thought that if I went early, I've lived such a full life... I've loved a lot.. and seized many days. BUT - if I do have many more days on this planet, I'm gonna seize those, too! I'll do my best to have my life have a loving, empowering affect on many other people's lives. And, if I have some spare time, I'd like to learn how to sing + play guitar and also lose my fear of speaking in front of groups. Oh, and being a mom who loves incredibly and unconditionally (like my own momma) sounds pretty great, too.

cindy gallop and ks rives

5.20.10 WOW. Today the Before I die... team (KS, me, Lilli and Rob) met with the incredible Cindy Gallop in her black Soho apartment. She gave us invaluable inspiration and advice on the www.beforeidieiwantto.org project. She smiled as she said she wants to do nothing before she dies because she is already doing it all. Eff yeah she is. Check out her incredible projects: www.ifwerantheworld.com and makelovenotporn.com

faded old painted ad

5.19.10 Love those faded old painted ads.

i forgot to shoot

5.18.10 I hate it when I forget to take a photo.
It has only happened 3 times this year, so I guess that's not baaaaaad.

danelle at lunch

5.17.10 Danelle on our lunch break - we are en route to get some fresh beet, kale, and apple juice.

nyc balcony

5.16.10 My friend said, "We have a balcony..." And I went out through the open window to here.
I love NYC lately. And, I'm proud to be a New Yorker. And, I may just stay here (but get out a bunch).

couple on train

5.15.10 I snuck this <3

carrot salad in plasitc

5.14.10 I'm tired of eating out of plastic. I feel like such a consumer lately.

mr potatoe head

5.13.10 His frown must me in there somewhere.

choice greene

5.12.10 Choice Greene.

ks and my work night

5.11.10 Tuesday eves are www.beforeidieiwantto.org work eves. Tonight we took biznez to the local middle-eastern restaurant.


5.10.10 The students of ITP had a show.... This is Kat's project. And it turned into a Fabrica reunion, too! Selwa, Ann, Adam, me...

garbage pail kids

5.9.10 At Brooklyn Flea...

jim + nic

5.8.10 (B) To put the best shot photo of the day up or the most meaningful? Well the best shot photo is probably the one to the right. And the most meaningful is this one.


adam and donuts

5.8.10 (A) Adam is flying through NYC again. He raves about Broadway Bagels and these donuts. I fully back these donuts.

photographer at la esquina

5.7.10 I realized through the closing evening of the Landmark communication course (that I was a guest at)... my headspace too much of the time when I ask someone for their photo is "They don't want a photo / I'm wasting their time. / They'll think I'm weird" But I changed that headspace to "They'd be flattered if I asked." So I asked this man (timidly) and he said, "OF COURSE. I'm a photographer, too... I take hundreds of photos a day." Then I decided, "How UNREASONABLE would it be if I asked someone each week for all of next year - not only to be in my photo - but to also be NAKED!" I posted it on facebook and friends have been responding positively.

me at ryan mcginley's studio

5.6.10 I had an enjoyable interview today with Marc for a 2-day-a-week internship position at Ryan McGinley Studio. We decided I'm the open book artist and he's the private one, so it made total sense when he didn't want to be in my photo-of-the-day but was happy to take one of me.

she wants out

5.5.10 It looks like she wants out.

hudson street charm

5.4.10 Some charm I found on the street.

tim guitar

5.3.10 Tim has been encouraging me with the guitar. We spend a lunch break at the guitar store on Carmine Street.


5.2.10 Henri's Polaroid - I love it.
We are neighbors now and enjoyed a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon in Fort Greene park + the hood.

ks + nic kareoke

5.1.10 This whole kill-my-phobia-of-singing kick has reached new heights.
KS + I celebrated our two year anniversary of the Before I die I want to.... project this evening with kareoke and sushi.

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