11.30.09 mmmm Bed. I think I'll start my bed project in 2011.


11.29.09 My chucks + Vera's chucks.

nic and ks

11.28.09 We shot a "how to take your own Polaroids" video to help people get involved. Photo here by the lovely LynLyn.

skype meeting

11.27.09 Skype meeting with our new friends in Denmark about the beforeidieiwantto.org project. Get ready for big-ness.

man with truck

11.26.09 (C) THANKSGIVING I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore...

ks walking up to her new home

11.26.09 (A) THANKSGIVING ...but at home with ks

tom dang

11.25.09 I often go to pick up lunch with Tom. We are into falafels lately.

crying banana

11.24.09 It's been a cathartic coupla days. I'm becoming authentic in places I never realized I was inauthentic. Oh, and I also have a banana every day.

john and harlin

11.23.09 I see John and Harlin sometimes when I walk to the subway. Today John had two more.


11.22.09 Living in New York, I'm fortunate to have lovely people swing through my life often.
Here is Iverson with her luggage waiting for her ride back to Boston..

i heart starbucks yes i do

11.21.09 I really do. I look forward to it every morning and it is the highlight of my morning.

at choice up the street

11.20.09 I took today off. En route for food, I took this photo by Choice.
I asked the little girl what her favorite face to make was, and she said “laughing.”

man at yale

11.19.09 Today I looked at Yale's graduate program in photography. Intimidating, but the gothic buildings made me feel at home because they reminded me of Notre Dame. I mustered up the courage to go ask for a few photos! This man was a jewel. I made a circle around myself on the sidewalk as I teetered on chickening out before I got the courage to go up to him and ask him for his photo.

time for boots to get fixed

11.18.09 Time for my yearly drop off of my boots to be fixed and resoled.

11.17.09 Mr. Mom in this box is like a fat person trying to get into skinny jeans.

nicole norton

11.16.09 Miss Nicole.
Tonight I dined with Miss Nicole and her brother, Cary, who is an incredible photographer.
Check 'em out for yourself: www.theordinary.org.


11.15.09 (A) I'm in CT with my pops and Ann today.
Dad is having his hip replaced on Tuesday, so I wanted to spend some time with him before the surgery.


11.15.09 (B) We played with my Holga in a pretty field.
I love my pops.

bath break

11.14.09 Today was one of those days where I realized the first real break I gave myself was a shower at around 10pm.
I had been all proud of myself for not owning a TV, but then I thought about how much time I spend in front of a computer screen.

computer guts

11.13.09 I took apart my computer and put in a new hard drive as well as a new keyboard today!
Now I have 200 more gigs of space and a functioning return key and some confidence under the hood. Who needs a dude around anyway?

fela kuti

11.12.09 I got comp tix to FELA on broadway and went with Nick, a fellow Beat it dancer.

lady in blue in store doorway

11.11.09 Life took me to the nether regions of Brooklyn today. This woman was in the doorway of a barber shop. I asked her if I could take her photo.
She asked her husband who was cutting a man's hair. He said yes, so she told me yes. And here we are..


11.10.09 Every year I take Bratley out for her bday. It's been Indian - two years in a row. Jackson Diner this year. This is her playing in the sun (or the subway... either way).

kat and david at dinner

11.09.09 Oh man this 40D is bulky... but the guacamole and company was somethin to write home about.

mum pointing

11.08.09 My mumma. I think she is saying y....o....u.....

flat iron building

11.07.09 Used the Holga again today. I didn't think the flat iron building has been photographed enough.

brownstone in brooklyn

11.06.09 A brownstone in Brooklyn. I always walk by the windows and look at the turn-of-the-20th-century details and dream about what my brownstone would look like one day (if I am still in Brooklyn then...)

i heart ny

11.05.09 Our office moved from Times Square to near Canal Street/China town - which is where I shot this photo.
This girl in my photo class in reference to toursits said "Go heart your own city."Although I'm not that cynical, it made me laugh.

11.04.09 NO photos + film that is black in the middle + negative $280 dollars is what happens when the shutter gets stuck open on your Leica

trans-oceanic dance party

11.03.09 NNS + I sometimes have trans-oceanic dance parties.
Tonight my MIA Pandora channel happened to be playing some tunes that made us wanna shake it.

me and the polaroids

11.02.09 This one is for ks rives and my www.beforeidieiwantto.org Polaroid project.
Like this evening, I often come home from work pooped, then work on this project til I'm super pooped.


11.01.09 (A)


11.01.09 (B)

11.01.09 (C) I shot Alison and Mike's engagement photos today.
I dropped my camera last night (then immediately said, this is why i don't have an iphone), so I'm using film in the meantime.

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