80s gang girls

10.31.09 In case you wanted to know what tough 80's gang girls looked like - here you are. Except don't mind Dana's smile - Dane didn't get the memo that tough girls never ever smile. Dana, Vera, and I and roughly 40 other awesome people went on to dance in sync to Michael Jackson's "Beat it" in the Halloween parade! Click here to see the video—look for PINK and you'll see me—we start at around 1 min.


10.30.09 Ricky's during lunch for last minute costume additions.


10.29.09 I have been pretty hard on Fall because I love Summer. But, I gotta give it to ya, Fall, there have been some beautiful days lately.

photo class

10.28.09 Must be Wednesday again. Another photo class.


10.27.09 Rainy Day


10.26.09 Who - Me?

sauce and dough

10.25.09 (A) Homemade sauce and homemade dough. This was my first big cooking endeavour, and I was worried about the dough not rising.


10.25.09 (B) The pizza was a success! My sleepy, hung-over, overworked-in-grad-school roommate says the pizza was the best part of her day.

notre dame bc game

10.24.09 Dee is a huge Notre Dame football fan, and I went to school there, so we spent our Saturday at the game watch. This photo was taken before the game got started the and the bar got crowded. It ended up that the guy in the middle was my year and I went to a dance with his roommate. Like Catholic churches, there is something really really comfortable about Notre Dame... and also there is this oher side of me that wonders if I fit in at all....

dee and me

10.23.09 My sister came to visit me in NYC for the first time ever! We had an incredible time together. Here we were playing around on the Brooklyn Bridge on a drizzly warm night.

tamara shooting my chocolate chip cookies

10.22.09 Tamara is becoming a food photographer. For one of her projects, she is shooting people cooking a dish that is meaningful to them. For my last day in Buenos Aires, I put my hair in pig tails and cooked chocolate chip cookies, just like I did when I was a little girl with my mom. But, I didn't have to stand on a chair this time to reach the counter. Pictured is the final product.

me and my soul mate dog

10.21.09 (A) I think I found my soul mate in this dog. He wandered in the shoe store - shaking and hungry, but incredibly sweet. He came over for a pet, and I just kept telling him I loved him. As we left the store I cried all the way down the street. Photo by Tamara..


10.21.09 (B) Recoleta Cemetary. A pretty awesome cemetary if you can call a cemetary awesome. Evita is of course buried there with some other famous Argentines.

dog painting

10.20.09 (A) Uruguay - Tamara and I went for the day.

brown water blue sky

10.20.09 (B) Our view from the boat to Uruguay and back.

blondie in BsAs

10.19.09 (A) So I always took my hair pretty seriously, but working with dying people makes if you dye your hair or not seem like not that big of a deal at all. Its actually dead already. So before I die I want to have blonde blonde hair. Also, I have been feeling unattractive. So to the salon we went. Then to an amazing hippy tea joint. Photo by Tamara.

doggie in the window

10.19.09 (B) How much is that doggie in the window?


10.18.09 (A) She's as beautiful as a model!


10.18.09 (B) I feel closer to an aetheist than a Catholic (which is what I grew up as with 12 years of Catholic schooling to boot)... but there is something about Catholic churches that makes me feel safe, secure, meditative, comfortable. This was the church of San Somebody Important... and his relics were in there, too..

rosa palace

10.18.09 (C) We got the white house. They got the pink house.


10.17.09 I learned tango! Well, the basic steps. It was taught in Spanish... but I stuck in there. Photo taken by Tamara.

juan and tamara

10.16.09 I am here in Buenos Aires with Juan and Tamara!


10.15.09 I had a layover in Atlanta en route to Buenos Aires. My momma was waiting for me. She made friends with this stranger and told him that the prettiest girl on the flight is her daughter. I shot this as I was approaching them. Ah, the love of a momma is amazing.


10.14.09 In class, we talked about how most photographers don't like being photographed. I think I fall in the "narcissist" category, because I DO! And, I love looking at my own work, too. I kept staring at these bed photos.


10.13.09 (1 of 2) Self portrait.
If you look closely, both people in the photo are me.


10.13.09 (2 of 2) Self Portrait.
If you look closely, both people are still me.

october 12

10.12.09 The tail end of a wonderful Fabrica reunion with David, Brad, Martin, Sandra, and here Frederico and Vera (the honorary Fabricante).
I love my Fabrica family!

october eleventh

10.11.09 I was so immersed in my artwork until I finally noticed I was starving. Then the question was stop and go get food or just eat pasta sauce with a spoon. So I ate the pasta sauce with a spoon. The fruits of my labor are my up-did website: www.nicolekenney.com

october tenth

10.10.09 We were tired. It was late.


10.09.09 Call me a dog with a bone, but being acknowleged made me feel great today.

i like the blue tiles in the bathroom at work

10.08.09 Worked for over 12 hours today. Did (barely) have the time to stop and realize the turquoise tiles in the bathroom are pretty.

phot a day crit

10.07.09 During my Daily Photo class at ICP. I had started this project, then saw there was a class on it. So I'm taking this course to help make this project awesome.

lauren has wieners on her mind

10.06.09 (B)

my view from work

10.06.09 (A) My amazing view from work. Ones and Zeros of Ones and Zeros. Strangely like yesterday ----->

manhattan blue sky

10.05.09 "Look up at the sky... all you see are zeros + ones." I've been having a bit of an existentialist crisis lately. Perhaps my visits to hospice left me wondering, what does it all mean? Especially when I push around ones + zeros all day. Leaves the Andrew Bird song in my head a lot.

jezra voice lessons

10.04.09 (B) Jezra showed me today that I CAN match pitch!! We practiced happy birthday. It was amazing.

panties in the tub

10.04.09 (A) Sundays are for Oxy-cleaning things in the tub.

vera number 9

10.03.09 For school, Vera studied the architecture of 57th b/t 5th + 6th. I found a hole puncher, a wallet + roses on that block. Rainy days remind me of Coldplay.

patent leather shoes

10.02.09 My mom loves to tell the story of my 1st communion. I was the only little girl in black patent leather shoes + a white dress. Everyone else had white shoes to match their white dress. It was the beginning of the end for me. 20 years later, these are my 2nd pair of black patent leather shoes.


`10.01.09 Vera + I blew up the air mattress for Adam. Mr. Mom slowed the process.

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