nns in india

9.30.09 Whether he's a world-touring one-man band dressed in all pink with pig puppets on each instrument
or a full-out Sikh with lots of facial hair, a turban, and a home in india for 9 months, he's always been a lovely subject to photograph.


9.29.09 Bratley in front of some very important people.

chinese take out

9.28.09 This year, my speed dial no. 2 (no. 1 is voice mail) has gone from Brett to Brian to my local Chinese Takeout.
Steamed veggie dumplings, I love you.

mike and alison

9.27.09 Today, Alison threw mike a successful SURPRISE!!! 30th birthday party at her dad's house in Rye.
It doubled as their engagement party - as they got engaged last weekend on their 5 year anniversary.

nadar nihal and nics computers and tatum

9.26.09 NNS took a photo of himself for me in a field of carrot flowers in India (since he couldn't pick them). I made it my background + took a photo of my computer in corporate America + sent it to him. Then he made it his background + took a photo + sent it to me... + it goes on....

view from roosevelt island tram

9.25.09 View from Roosevelt Island Tram. I went with Vera + Martin to a party full of Fulbrighters. Was the only American - Nice!


9.24.09 (Argh)

9.23.09 (Hospice) Sonia wants to save up + get her own apartment before she dies. As with every single person we met with, we loved getting to know Sonia. We told her we loved her as we left late that night + she told us God had sent us to her. We also shared a laugh about "curry bum."


9.22.09 (Hospice) Diana told us before she dies she wants to be 20 years old again so she can marry her 2nd husband 1st. Her granddaughter is the love of her life.


9.21.09 (The 1st of 3 days doing the beforeidieiwantto.org project in hospice) Pasqual told us before he dies he wants to sleep. He asked for (+ was given) 12 copies of his Polaroid to send to his family in Cuba. He charmed us + we were told he enjoyed the company of 2 pretty girls.

ks rives

9.20.09 June in september on the west and east coast.

ks as my personal stylist

9.19.09 KS is always my personal stylist when we are together.
She makes combinations I would have never thought of in a thousand years.

vera and paolo

9.18.09 My roommate and her boyfriend and a hooka and a laugh.


9.17.09 I make friends all over the place.
This was definitely an out-take. I told him, "Don't worry, You won't be google-able."

9.16.09 I've always drawn these when I doodle. Thought it was a cheesy flower. But it's a mandala. Maybe I was a mandala drawer in my past life. That's much cooler.

9.15.09 That's swett of you, Trevor, to leave this folded-up note on my bike. Did you know I have a blog?.


9.14.09 Milkshakes with Tom after our final Landmark Forum in Action Series class. Jesus and I had a great converstaion
over milkshakes in a meditation I did in high school and I've loved sharking milkshakes long after I quit talkin to Jesus.

9.13.09 Is 3rd time a charm? This is Lena in my Reiki class. Got me thinkin' .... maybe I'll do a tattoo in my own handwriting.

reiki teachers

9.12.09 My Reiki teachers, Carlos + Ana Gonzalez.
They told me that they are giving Reiki here, so anyone who sees this photo can feel it.

roses at ground zero

9.11.09 Flowers on fence around ground zero

nicole kenney

9.10.09 I'm breakin' my own rules, but I just loved 3 photos from today.
A man + his little girl being awesome.

yellow dresses kate spade

9.10.09 (B) Fashion night out in the Kate Spade dressing room. I believe in symmetry (like Bright Eyes).


9.10.09 (C) Pink lady who made a sandwich with love for me at "Here"

nicole kenney and mr. mom

9.09.09 Playing around with the tripod and my bedroom as the studio: Me + Mr. Mom


9.08.09 Ah my favorite city... Come hither.

ann mallory and bryan kenney

9.07.09 Labor day morning with Pops + Ann in CT

kids and ice cream

9.06.09 Saw these kids near the subway. Please don't ever grow up + care about the ice cream on your face!


9.05.09 So nice sitting + listening to music today.

choice greene

9.04.09 The cheese lady at Choice Greene

daniel edelman and nicole kenney

9.03.09 Me + the godfather of PR, Daniel Edelman

sushi to-go

9.02.09 A bachelorette's dinner

i love me

9.01.09 She loves herself!

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